Developing Leaders of Leaders

Leader of Leaders promotes a Christ-centered approach to life and leadership through the work of mentor, fitness trainer and Marine Staff Sergeant Aaron Guyett. Aaron’s holistic approach to spiritual, physical and mental health provides a unique path to developing leadership skills that can be used in all walks of life.

Whether you are a business leader, a pastor, an educator, a parent, or simply someone starting out on the journey toward better leadership, Leader of Leaders offers practical skills and a comprehensive philosophy that can change the way you live your life and lead others.


Weekend Speaking Events

Invite Aaron Guyett to speak at events that you want your leadership team to attend.

Onsite Leadership Training

You will benefit from having Aaron Guyett provide wisdom and training to your organization’s leaders in person.

Semi-Annual Leaders of Leaders Mastery Retreat

Twice a year, 5 day all inclusive, specialized leadership guidance at The Intentional Leadership Ranch. Aaron Guyett will spend each day teaching and demonstrating how to be a leader of leaders.


Leaders need vision. Vision stems from a life pursuing the teachings of Jesus Christ and living with love, grace, passion, purpose and direction from God.

Leading in the world starts with envisioning how your life and the world around you can be transformed by living in the likeness of Christ. Leaders must set the example, just as Christ set the example for all mankind: service, sacrifice, purity, compassion, kindness, love and spiritual transformation.


Vision is not enough. One must lead with intent.

Setting the bar high, Aaron intends to help one million people through the development of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life.

As a fitness trainer, Aaron has taught thousands of clients how to improve their lives through Battle Ropes training, a unique program that develops not only physical fitness but mental toughness and understanding as well.

As a speaker, consultant and workshop leader, Aaron continues to share the teachings of Christ and the word of God. Physical and mental health do not exist in isolation, as good living and good health flow from the spiritual presence of Christ in our lives.


As a leader, Aaron emphasizes that vision and intention do not come into being on their own. Leaders must exemplify the means of true transformation, which comes only through a life dedicated to Christ.

As both a disciple and a Marine Staff Sergeant, Aaron understands that discipline is the key to success. Focusing on your deepening and abiding relationship with Christ, committing to carving out daily, weekly and monthly time to spend studying the word of God and communing in prayer with Christ.

Many leaders possess vision and intention, but at Leader of Leaders we understand that what is often the most difficult is the practical means of transformational leadership. Which is why Aaron focuses specifically on the daily tasks that can be undertaken to make your vision and intention a reality.