Developing Leaders of Leaders in Christ

As we disciple in Christ, we are called to make disciples. Seeing that a good leader develops followers, but a great leader develops leaders, we aim to give a systematic approach to intentional leadership through Jesus Christ.


Belief and belief system create our worldview, and out of our worldview we think, speak and act.


Without purpose we lose meaning, and without meaning we die.


Values give our purpose and meaning assurance, direction, and measurement.


Casting vision communicates expectations and direction.


Priorities keep us from being everything for everyone, and making the main thing the main thing.


Relationship is living and thriving, not just surviving.


Communication is the only way we have assurance of our relationships.

About Leaders of Leaders

We believe Jesus Christ is the Leader of Leaders.

Whether you are a business leader, a pastor, an educator, a parent, or simply someone starting out on the journey toward better leadership, Leaders of Leaders offers practical skills and a comprehensive philosophy that can change the way you live your life and lead others. Leaders of Leaders promotes a Christ-centered approach to life and leadership in all facets of life:

Leaders of Leaders was founded by Aaron Guyett, a former Fitness Educator and Marine Instructor with a master’s degree in Leadership from Vanguard University. Aaron developed the ‘100 In His Strength’ discipleship program in 2021 which is a foundational course in Discipled in Christ. He has also written several other courses, which include: Rites of Passage; Learning Logic, Truth, and Belief in God; and 52 Week Children’s Devotional.

Steve Stary joined Aaron in 2022 to head up the digital discipleship program for Leaders of Leaders. Steve has 30 years of experience bringing technology into people’s lives in simple and easily accessible ways. Steve has a BS in Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. Steve was one of the first users to complete the ‘100 In His Strength’ program.

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Weekend Speaking Events

Invite Aaron Guyett to speak at events that you want your leadership team to attend.

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Onsite Leadership Training

You will benefit from having Aaron Guyett provide wisdom and training to your organization’s leaders in person.

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Semi-Annual Leaders of Leaders Mastery Retreat

Twice a year, 5 day all inclusive, specialized leadership guidance at The Intentional Leadership Ranch. Aaron Guyett will spend each day teaching and demonstrating how to be a leader of leaders.

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