About Leaders of Leaders

Leaders of Leaders was founded by Aaron Guyett. His leadership skills and qualities are respected and renowned across multiple communities. His background as a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, Battle Ropes Master Coach, devout disciple of Jesus Christ, and devoted husband and father has forged a powerful and unique approach to leadership in a variety of disciplines.

Many leaders have specialized experience in dealing with one cross-section of our communities. Aaron, however, brings experience across a wide-ranging spectrum, from leading our nation’s most highly-trained soldiers to mentoring youth in pursuit of the holy path of Jesus Christ to training some of the world’s toughest and most skilled athletes and coaches.

As a leader, Aaron brings his rigorous devotion to Christian principles and a holistic approach to mental, physical and spiritual fitness and well-being that focuses on helping everyone become the best human being they can be. To this end, Aaron provides a range of workshops, certifications, consultations and speaking events across the country.