Leaders of Leaders Experiences and Events

Men of The Mountain

What you will receive during the Men of The Mountain Weekend:

  • Brotherhood in Christ
  • Catered Food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Lodging at a Premiere Site in Nelson, B.C.
  • Understanding and Implementing Worship as Warfare
  • Great Teachings from Great Speakers
  • Free Access to Six Courses to Improve Your Discipleship, Marriage, and Family in Christ
  • Shirts, Hat, Tuques/Beanies, Nalgene, and More
  • Summiting Actual Mountains with Christian Men
  • Cold and Sauna To Improve Resilience and Stress Inoculation
  • Build Courage as a Christian in These Tumultuous Times

$677 If you are staying at the Lodge – Limited to 16

$377 (If you are not staying at the Lodge) – Limited to 12

Men of The Mountain – Nelson, BC, April 4-7, 2024

Rites of Passage – For Parents and Their Children

Each child, upon becoming an adolescent and then adult will be equipped with the spiritual, emotional, and physical understanding and excellence to be incredible contributors and leaders in our society and world.

This means they have great understanding of theological, philosophical, logical, methodological, mathematical, experimental, and experiential doctrine and/or theory to hold valid and sound truth-claims and beliefs.

Each child will go through a proving process and then be ceremoniously granted acceptance in the next stage of their development.

Ireland Steer-Riding and Leaders of Leaders School – Ages 9-15

The intent of this school is to introduce new kids to the sport of rodeo, and to give kids who are currently involved in rodeo an opportunity to further enhance their skills. The main component of this school that is different than others is to introduce the kids to leadership skills that will help to make them champions in the arena and out of the arena. Through out life we see young kids set out with very specific goals in life, only to be derailed by worldly influences. By giving the young kids the tools of Leaders of Leaders and the lessons learnt form the sport of rodeo, we believe that this would create a solid foundation for the young children, so when the worldly influences come, they are better able to handle these situations.